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Система +CLIQ

Система +CLIQ Система +CLIQ
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Product description

  • Key-unique and locking system encryption in mechatronic models
  • Optimum burglary protection due to mechanical tumblers and locking bars
  • Can be combined with mechanical and mechatronic cylinder halves to some extent
  • Optional enhanced drilling protection
  • Optional emergency mechanism with emergency key
  • Several free rotation angles; 360º also available (optional)
  • Integrated chip in mechatronic models to store access authorisations and locking procedures
  • 2 different memory sizes available for mechatronic models
  • LED indicators which signal access authorisation, time zone and battery status
  • Integrated standard battery for about 20,000 locking operations or 2 years of
  • Splash-proof
  • Optional EX II 2 G-protection approval for danger through gas

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